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Quotes I've had Piatt Tree Service do work for me several times! A huge tree had fallen on the edge of my roof in early 2016, and they removed it, and did a GREAT job! Since then, I've had them remove 3 additional trees from my yard, and "top" several huge pine trees. I just had 2 stumps grounded in the back yard. Each time they've done a job here, they've been very professional, courteous, respectful..... and the work they do is first-class! They do what they say they'll do for the price quoted, and always do a great job cleaning up too! I HIGHLY recommend Piatt's Tree Services! Quotes
Pat Bradley

Quotes We had several large trees with large dangerous branches overhanging our fence, yard and deck. We contacted Piatt's Tree Service. Brent took care of the problem quickly at an extremely reasonable price. They not only cut the limbs, but cleaned up all the mess and even raked the yard when they had finished. I would recommend Piatt's Tree Service to anyone in need of tree work. Thank you Brent. Quotes
Betty V Hill
Satisfied Customer, Mayfield, Ky

Quotes Many thanks for your response to my inquiry regarding the removal of a large tree in Somerset that I was concerned about. You quickly went and checked on it, called me and gave me your opinion. We worked out the job details and within the time frame promised had removed the tree, stump and debris as promised. I have used your company several times over the years, way back when your Dad was the boss, and your company was the first and only company I considered. As always, you did a great job! I will continue to recommend Piatt Tree & Lawn Service to ANYONE who asks. Your company has always been one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Many thanks and God Bless. Quotes
Sandie Frantz

Quotes Brent, Thank You so very much for all the work you and your team have done for us. Your quick response and professionalism, along with you being highly recommended to us, is why we choose to hire your company. We look forward to working with your company in the near future and we will recommend you to everyone we know. Oh by the way, your WEB page is great, it made it so easy to find you! Quotes
Jim & Sandra
Satisfied Customer!

Quotes Brent and his crew done a excellent job cutting a tree close to my house. I will recommend piatt's tree service to anyone that needs a tree cut. Thank you Ricky Hood Quotes
satisfied customer

Quotes I really appreciate your service. You were prompt in taking care of a very difficult situation. The tree came down just has you had said. GREAT JOB! Thank you so much. Quotes
Tamra McArdle
Satisfied customer , Mayfield, KY

Quotes They cut down 3 very large Elm trees for us. It was a difficult cut because they could not use a bucket truck and had to climb the trees. The trees were close to our building and the power lines. They did a great job cleaning up and kept working until the job was done. The price was reasonable. I will definitely recommend them to my friends. Quotes
Thacker Family Properties

Quotes They came when they said at what time they said and did good work. They seemed like a nice bunch of fellows. Quotes
Shawn Crabtree

Quotes We was just getting up when they arrived. Our boys welcomed them. Before we could get dressed they had the tree down. It was fantastic. Quotes
Martha Wright

Quotes I contacted Piatt's Tree Service to remove a couple of very large oak trees too close to our home and one was dead as it did not produce any leafs this year. They started the job on 7/3, and finished the job on 7/6-7/7. This included taking the trees down in sections, chipping all the limbs and cutting up the wood into 18-22 inch pieces; and raking; cleaning up any small stuff. They even did a bit extra by moving a few of the very large chunks from in back of my shed where it would have been difficult for me to get to them. They did a fantastic job!! They were always here when they said they would be, had the equipment they needed and the crew they needed. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone else needing tree work. A special thanks to Phillip, Jessie, Chris and Mitchell. Skip Quotes
Skip Willumsen
Very Satisfied Customer
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